About Us

Dave’s Wines began as a value-added service to readers of the Napa Wine Project in 2023. Since 2006 Dave has visited, tasted and interviewed more than 1,150 wineries and brands in Napa Valley and created extensive written reviews of each one. He continues to revisit wineries and stay current with the pulse of Napa Valley. He knows the valley extremely well and has tasted thousands of local wines.

Dave’s Wines The Club is a shortcut for you, with access to some of the best, most interesting and satisfying wines available in Napa Valley. We’ve already done the research. No question.

We source limited production wines from select Napa Valley based wineries for individual collectors. Many of these wineries produce less than 1,000 cases a year. With this limited production, these gems are under the radar and are often only discovered through word of mouth.

During our exploration of Napa Valley, we discovered many of these small producers sell their wines regionally within 100 miles of where it is produced. They simply do not make enough wine to distribute elsewhere.

After years of becoming familiar with the industry, listening to the stories of these amazing producers and and hearing the need for additional exposure, we now offer access to consumers across the country to some of our favorite Napa Valley wines. In conjunction with the Napa Wine Project, Dave’s Wines The Club is here to fulfill that vision.